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Workplace Wellbeing Strategies

In this blog we explore the concept of a 'wellbeing strategy'; what a well-rounded strategy might look like; the benefits to all and how The Mind Hub has been supporting those strategies for happier, healthier working environments.

Wellbeing is defined by the Oxford English dictionary as: "the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy."

Here at The Mind Hub we believe that a person-centered, holistic approach to wellbeing supports and empowers employees to positively manage all facets of their wellbeing. Long gone (hopefully) are the days when a bowl of fruit represented the organisation's commitment to wellbeing and perhaps the turbulence of the pandemic has accelerated the need, now more than ever, to apply a more meaningful and humanistic approach that leads to organisational health and ultimately performance.

"Organizations must adopt a systemic, agile, data driven yet humanized and forward looking approach that takes into account the different aspects of its people’s needs and requirements."Deloitte Well-Being at the Heart of The Employee Experience for the Social Enterprise

The Pillars of Wellbeing

With how we live and work having changed so much since the pandemic began, there are so many more variables to consider when piecing together a wellbeing strategy that can meet the needs of all of its people. There really are no limits to the amount of pillars an organisation can have in its wellbeing strategy but as a guideline, the professional body, CIPD, recognises seven key domains of wellbeing:

1. Health

2. Good Work

3. Values/Principles

4. Collective/Social

5. Personal Growth

6. Good Lifestyle Choices

7. Financial Wellbeing

We have distilled these seven domains into four key pillars of wellbeing that The Mind Hub can support through:

  • MHFA England mental health awareness and first aid training courses

  • Mental and emotional resilience workshops

  • Positive stress management workshop

  • Finding the balance workshop

  • Winter wellbeing workshop

  • Sleep workshops led by a sleep doctor

  • Nutrition for mental health workshops led by nutritional expert

  • Deskercise and floor based challenges led by an experienced personal trainer

  • 5 Tips for Living a Healthy Life

  • Virtual Yoga led by yoga teacher

  • Mindful movement workshop

  • Mindful eating workshop

  • Mindful walking tours

  • Nutritional workshops for physical health led by nutritional expert

  • Sleep workshops for physical health led by sleep doctor

  • Bespoke wellbeing days, team events and ice-breakers to bring people together

  • Active listening and communicating skills workshop plus speed talking event!

  • Links to resources for creating your own in-house campaigns

  • Community of Practice support for your Mental Health First Aiders

  • All of our insightful workshops are fun and interactive to maximise engagement

"Financial wellbeing is the least common area included in HR strategies, despite money worries affecting 47% of UK employees." CIPD, Nov '21

Our financial security, or lack of it, can negatively impact mental, emotional and physical health. Whilst most organisations offer some provisions via employee assistance programmes (EAPs), they are often under utilised and financial training is often under represented.

We work with financial experts who offer practical tips on how to regain control of our finances by paying off debts, saving more and planning for financial wellness.


Read our latest case study report to find out how we helped develop and support a global 'Positive Wellbeing' strategy for AB World Foods that included a range of mindful-based wellbeing workhops, mindfulness drop-in sessions, sleep workshops, nutritional workshops and mental health awareness training. We are also proud to have developed and look forward to delivering a Winter Wellbeing programme from January to March 2022.


If you would like to find out more about how The Mind Hub and our fabulous team of associates can help shape and support your wellbeing strategy, please get in touch for a discovery call.

Be mindful,

Tricia Wilkie Founder of The Mind Hub


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