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Your wellbeing strategy is the road map of how you will support the health and wellbeing of your teams. 

Employee Wellbeing Strategy

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A study by Indeed (the recruitment company) in March 2021 discovered that 61% of remote workers and 53% of on-site workers now find it more difficult to “unplug” from work during off hours.  With the fallout from COVID now becoming more evident this figure is set to rise.  As employers we have a duty of care to help and support our teams to thrive and this is where building an employe wellbeing strategy can help.


Our employee wellbeing strategy is our road map as to how, as an organisation we are going to support all of the pillars of wellbeing in an inclusive and measured way. The time is now to change perceptions of wellbeing from bowls of fruit on the reception desk and half-hearted tick box exercises, to something that becomes the heart of the organisations’ culture. 

Not only is there a human cost to consider, the state of a team’s health and wellbeing undoubtedly has an impact on the company’s bottom line too.  The good news is Deloitte suggest the ROI of a robust employee wellbeing strategy is 5:1 and in a recent study by Warwick University, they saw that workers were 12% more productive if they were happy at work.  If nothing else there is a reason right there to focus on supporting the wellbeing of our teams.

Wellbeing Services 

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Get in touch today to arrange your free no obligation discovery call to see how we can help you bring a greater focus of wellbeing into your workplace.

Mental Health First Aid

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There is no health without mental health and we are passionate about helping people to take of their mental health in the same way they do their physical health.  

We offer the full suite of mental health first aid and mental health awareness training solutions in partnership with MHFA England.

Mental Health Training Workshops at The Mind Hub

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

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Taking care of our team’s mental and emotional wellbeing will help to create a happy & healthy work force.  With businesses constantly navigating constant change and stress levels significantly rising post the pandemic, this is a key focus for businesses.


Discover how we can help you to create the right environment for your business.

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Workshops at The Mind Hub

Wellbeing Strategy

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Many organisations are now focusing on building their wellbeing strategy and they are seeing tangible increases in productivity as a result.  

Wellbeing Strategy at The Mind Hub

Physical Wellbeing

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Healthy body, healthy mind is our mantra! There are many things we can all do to maintain positive wellbeing, looking after our physical health is one of them.  We can inspire your teams to eat well, move often and get a good sleep hygiene routine in place.  Doing so will help them to build resilience, react positively to business challenges and achieve their goals.

Phyiscal Wellbeing Workshops at The Mind Hub

Financial Wellbeing

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In these times, people are facing more financial difficulty, now more than ever supporting the financial pillar of wellbeing has never been more important, however, it is one often overlooked.  Stress and anxiety caused by financial difficulty can impact on our mental wellbeing.

Financial Wellbeing Workshops at The Mind Hub

Social Wellbeing

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Following the pandemic, levels of loneliness have significantly increased, which can have a huge impact on mental and physical health.  The lasting impact on teams following the pandemic and changes in ways of working, mean that building trust, bonding with colleagues and connection are an important priority.  By creating a culture of belonging and inclusion within your business, it can make a huge difference to productivity.

Social Wellbeing Workshops at The Mind Hub

I have thoroughly enjoyed working in partnership with Tricia over the past two years and hugely value her expertise and knowledge. She has helped to move forward our health & wellbeing agenda and through her professional network and connections, we have been able to find creative solutions to our challenges. She is a great person to bounce ideas around with and is always focused on helping you find the right solution for your business and teams. She is professional and engaging but also has a great skill at
facilitating sessions that are pragmatic and down to earth. Her calm nature puts people at ease straight away, which creates a supportive and encouraging environment. We have always received lots of positive feedback from people who have attended Tricia’s workshops and I’m looking forward to our continued partnership.

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Katy Kershaw
HR Business Partner - Commercial 

AB World Foods
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