Accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health, this online Mental Health First Aid course will qualify you to become a Mental Health First Aider.  This comprehensive online course is delivered over four accessible live online sessions of approximately 2hrs each with some self-directed learning in between.  You will have full access to the instructor outside of the live sessions for any questions you may have.


Dates and times for the live online session

Session 1 - 21st September 09.15 - 11.30

Session 2 - 23rd September 09.15 - 12.05

Session 3 - 28th September 09.15 - 11.45

Session 4 - 30th September 09.15 - 11.40


Attendance to all four live sessions is required to receive your Mental Health First Aider qualification.


What else is provided?

You will receive a training pack which includes your MHFA manual and workbook in the post.   


What will the course achieve for my employees?

At the end of the course, your employees who attend will be qualified Mental Health First Aiders giving them:


  • An in-depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing.
  • Practical skills to spot the signs that someone might be experiencing a range of mental health issues.
  • Confidence to step in, reassure and support an employee who is in distress.
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgemental listening.
  • Knowledge to help someone recover their health by signposting them to further support eg: self-help resources, internal support such as EAP or external sources as their GP and other health professionals.
  • An understanding of how to keep themselves safe whilst performing their duties and supporting others.


How it works

  • The live online sessions are divided across four manageable sessions via an online learning hub called Enabley.
  • Delegates are required to complete some self-directed learning or 1-2hrs in between each live session.
  • Learning takes place through a mix of presentations, group discussions, activities and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions as we go along.
  • Each session is built around a Mental Health First Aid action plan.
  • We can accept a maximum of 16 people on any one course at a time, to ensure that the instructor can keep people safe and supported whilst they learn.


Learning Outcomes

Everyone who completes the course will receive:  


  • A certificate of attendance to confirm they are a Mental Health First Aider
  • A manual to refer back to should they need it.
  • A quick reference card to remind them of the Mental Health First Aid action plan.
  • A workbook that includes a helpful toolkit to support their own wellbeing.
  • A copy of the Line Managers’ Resource, an invaluable source of advice on how support an employee experiencing mental ill health.


Feel free to contact us for more information at  or call  07776 132083

Online Mental Health First Aider - Sept 2021

  • The price is £299 per person, to be paid in full at time of booking.  No cancellations, amendments or refunds.


    In our course we will cover the following:

    Session 1:

    • Why Mental Health First Aid?
    • The Mental Health First Aid action plan
    • What is mental health?
    • Impact of mental health issues
    • Stigma and discrimination
    • What is depression?
    • Symptoms of depression
    • Risk factors for depression
    • Depression in the workplace

    Session 2:

    • Suicide figures
    • Alcohol, drugs and mental health
    • First aid for suicidal crisis
    • Non-judgemental listening skills
    • First aid for depression
    • Treatment and resources for depression
    • Self-care

    Session 3:

    • What is an anxiety disorder?
    • First aid for anxiety disorders
    • Crisis first aid after a traumatic event
    • Alcohol, drugs and anxiety disorders
    • Treatment and resources for anxiety disorders
    • Cognitive distortions and CBT
    • Personality disorders
    • Eating disorders
    • Self-harm

    Session 4: 

    • What is psychosis?
    • Risk factors for psychosis
    • Alcohol, drugs and psychosis
    • Schizophrenia
    • Bipolar disorder
    • Warning signs of developing psychosis
    • Crisis first aid for acute psychosis
    • Treatment and resources for psychosis
    • Recovery and building resources
    • Action planning for using MHFA



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