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individual mindfulness at home

There are more pressures on us as an individual than ever before, trying to strike that balance between work, family and friends, it's easy to feel like we are always 'on', more like human 'doings' rather than human 'beings.'


Applying simple mindfulness techniques to your day to day activities can help you to manage any anxiety, depression, stress, unhelpful thinking, negative behaviours and chronic pain, but you do not need to be suffering with any of those things to reap the benefits of mindful practice.  By becoming more aware, more often, to the present moment, you will be able to notice and enjoy even the smallest moments of joy in your day, enabling you to stop sleepwalking through life on autopilot and truly live every moment! 

Read on to find out more about the 8-week course, 1:1 coaching and our top 6 six tips for mindful living with free audio!

courses & workshops

Meditation Class
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mbct group mindfulness course

We are delighted to share the details of our 8-week, comprehensive Mindfulness/ MBCT course details. 


Our practical classes are 2hrs per week for 8 weeks and will include a discussion around the theme for that week, lots of guided practice and opportunity for discussion.

The price of the course includes 16hrs of tuition, weekly course notes, a library of guided audio, plus attendance to one mindfulness retreat day.

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the mindhub retreat day

The retreat day is open to anyone who has completed our 8-week mindfulness course, has experience of meditation

or has an open mind and is comfortable being in silence.



Guided practice of the tools learnt in our 8-week course. 

A blissful day of relaxation and mindful practice.

An opportunity to ask a skilled teacher any questions about mindful living.

Fruit snacks and tea will be provided but please bring a light lunch and a yoga mat with you. 

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