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We recognise that teams and individuals are under ever increasing demands and pressures in the workplace and are passionate about offering mindful solutions to help them manage those demands, build resilience and improve performance. 

I am always happy to visit your office to discuss how mindfulness could benefit your organisation and you can read below for some examples of the services we offer.​

courses & workshops

  • Mental Health First Aid

    driving awareness

    We are delighted to offer the full suite of adult MHFA England courses, most of which are available for online delivery enabling you to continue supporting your teams during these challenging times.


    Research shows that the ROI of early-stage supporting activities such as mental health de-stigmatising campaigns, mandatory training on wellbeing and activities to support an employee’s resilience can range up to 8:1

    (Source: Deloitte)

  • Introduction to Mindfulness

    a mindful experience

    During this fun and interactive whistlestop tour of mindfulness, employees will learn about the history of modern mindfulness, the research behind it, the benefits of mindful practice, experience at least two guided practices and leave with some guided audio, hints and tips for mindful living.


    Numbers for this session are only limited by the size of the room and often prove very popular!

  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing

    learning skills for life

    There are 1000s of research studies showing the benefits Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy has in improving workplace performance, absenteeism, communication skills, building resilience and stress management, to name but a few for employees who have completed a workplace mindfulness course.


    MBCT is taught over 8 x 1.5hr sessions and each employee will receive course notes and a library of guided audio.  Numbers are limited to 15 people per course.  

Mental Health First Aider Course .png

Whether you have 20mins or a full day to fill with mindfulness, I can tailor a package to meet the individual requirements of your on or off-site event. 
Examples of past workshops:

Building Resilience 

Recognising and Managing Stress 

Mindful Eating

Mindful Leadership

Mindful Movement

Mindful Driving

Intention Setting

  • One-off and Bespoke Workshops

    mindfulness your way

    Whether you have 20mins or a full day to fill with mindfulness, I can tailor a package to meet the individual requirements of your on or off-site event. 

    Examples of past workshops:

    Introduction to Mindfulness
    Living Calmly Through Stress
    Building Mental Resilience
    Finding the Balance
    Mindful Eating
    Relax & Rejuvenate
    Mindful Drop-in Sessions
    Bespoke Workshops
    1:1/Team Coaching
    Speaking Opportunities

  • 1 : 1 Coaching

    a personal journey

    For inclusivity for those people who are unable to attend group courses and for more personalised coaching, I offer flexible 1:1 and team mindfulness sessions.

    I also work alongside Occupational Health departments who refer employees to me that could benefit from some additional support in managing their stress, anxiety, or chronic illness with mindfulness coaching.

  • Drop-in-Sessions

    sustaining practice

    Drop-in sessions are suitable for any ability; to ignite the curiosity of employees and to provide ongoing support to those who have completed an 8-session workplace mindfulness course or for those who simply wish to try, and benefit from, regular practice.  


    These sessions offer employees a welcome break in the day to learn, de-stress and refocus during the working day.


    These sessions are delivered online until it is safe to visit your office in person and consist of some guided practice and group discussion.


mindfulness workplace research

the science behind the mystery

There is a wealth of published research papers specific to the workplace and as of 2016, 32 of those have been Randomised Control Trials (RCT) - considered the gold standard of research studies.  In the paper, 'Mindfulness, Behaviour Change and Decision Making: An Experimental Trial,  Jessica Pykett, Rachel Lilley, Mark Whitehead, Rachel Howell, Rhys Jones (January 2016)' it summarises:

"Research studies in workplaces have primarily emphasised the role of mindfulness programmes on staff wellbeing, mental health and stress-reduction - tackling problems of sickness absence, presenteeism, high staff turnover, depression and anxiety.


Research and commentary has also explored the business role of mindfulness in terms of improving employee performance, resilience and social relationships in the workplace, work engagement and in reducing emotional exhaustion and improving job satisfaction".

A recent study at Unilever showed a significant reduction of 45.8% to 16.4% in stress-related drop-out rates of employees who completed an 8-session mindfulness course. **

In a 2 year MBCT randomised control trial (RCT), 17% of particpants lowered their dose of antidepressants and 71% stopped taking them completely.**

Transport for London (TFL) reduced by 71% the number of days off for stress, anxiety and depression among employees who attended mindfulness training. *

  Source: *  ** 

how could mindfulness benefit our employees and organisation as a whole?

Practising simple and accessible mindfulness techniques strengthens the pre-frontal cortex of the brain that plays a vital role in what we call ‘executive functioning’, which allows us to do things on purpose, plan for the future, make decisions, and regulate our emotions more skilfully.  

You could view Mindfulness as brain training and through regular mindfulness practice your employees could see an improvement in the following:

  • Stress and anxiety management with less absenteeism from stress-related illnesses

  • Resilience – more able to learn and move on from difficult challenges

  • Communication and relationship skills with improved compassion, empathy and ability to listen

  • Remaining attentive and focused on tasks for longer

  • Regulation of emotions, having awareness of them but not being driven by, or basing all decisions upon them

  • Learning how to respond rather than reacting in an unconscious, automatic way

  • Management of chronic pain

  • Creativity and agile thinking

  • Sleep

  • General wellbeing


"Tricia recently joined our annual team meeting for the second year running. What a wonderful way to kick start our meeting with a session on Mindfulness. I would highly recommend. "


Sandra, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Uxbridge


Frequently asked questions

how can we embed mindfulness into our organisation?

Starting with a free initial consultation to discuss the individual needs of your organisation we can then work together to embed a mindfulness strategy that best suits you. Typically, an 'Introduction to Mindfulness' workshop is held to gather interest before implementing a full course, bespoke sessions or mindfulness drop-in sessions.

what facilities do we need to be able to offer mindfulness?

We can work with whatever space you have for us to deliver our workshops. We have smart Powerpoint slide sets that accompany each session but if you do not have any A/V available, sessions can run perfectly well with flipcharts, which we can bring with us! A space big enough to seat all of your attendees is all that is required.

what mindfulness services do you offer?

We offer a range of individual, corporate and bespoke workshops and 1:1 coaching and you can read more about those on the Services page of our website. Both the pubic and corporate MBCT mIndfulness 8-session workshops follow the programme that was developed at Oxford University and is the only mindfulness course recommend by National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and used within the NHS. Tricia Wilkie is a fully qualified teacher of MBCT and is registered on the UK Mindfulness Teachers Network.

are you able to deliver a workshop at our off-site event?

Yes! We love to travel and can create a range of bespoke workshops to fit within the theme of your event. Past off-site events have included, mindful movement, mindful walking, mindful driving, introduction to mindfulness and intention setting at various meetings, kick-offs and conferences.

how can our remote workers benefit from your workshops?

We love to travel and can take mindfulness on to the road to reach your remote workers. Other options would be for them to dial-in to workshops or join a live online workshop specifically for them using your in-house conferencing facilities or Zoom/Skype.

Mindfulness is incredibly important to organizations because organizations are like organisms; they are alive, they are made up of people and if you are not aware of the various ways in which people’s mind expresses itself, then the organization can really get into some kind of mental space where no one is talking to anyone else and no one is really listening

Kabat-Zinn, 2008


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